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Tattooed long dog

February 1, 2015


The greyhound called Charlie has arrived.  He was due at 5.30 a.m. on Thursday morning in Montclar but because of delays at the Eurotunnel the next ETA was to be at 7.00 a.m.  Yay, I get to lie in a bit longer, but at 5.55 a.m. I received a text from Chris to say they were about 25 mins away.  I scramble myself awake and make coffee.

I was following them the night before on the sat nav section of their website and I see now that they aren’t coming the expected route i.e. direct from the A61 motorway but appear to have gone round in a loop and ended up in the hills way over on the other side of the road from Montclar.  Chris loses his connection to the satellite and he seems to be heading in the wrong direction!   He texts me then calls me for GPS coordinates!  He asks if I have a car, which for some reason I find hilarious and burst out laughing but as Chris isn’t amused we agree to meet in the closest village he can see on his satnav, Pomas.

In the deep early morning darkness I drive down the road and there he is, stepping carefully out of his cage in the back of the van, an elegant long black hound.

Now we start to discover the difference between greyhounds and lurchers and it is as you might think, intelligence.  Pure bred pedigree from racing stock as opposed to a wily mutt crossed with a greyhound and whatever some opportunist poacher decided was available at the time.   Barack Noel whose parents were Droopy Kewel and Zulu Sue (you can see a trend here), was one of about 8 litter mates most of whom were put into racing.  Barack Noel raced four times in Limerick, won his last race and was then shipped off to England to race in Coventry, from where he was put to stud and subsequently rescued by Greyhound Gap.  You can find a lot of information from the tattoos in the ears of greyhounds.  Irish greyhounds have letters tattooed into each ear and by calling up the Irish Greyhound Board you can find his breed name and from that the whole of his racing history.

Back to the intelligence thing.  Jack was all over the place, on each floor he had a bed and would lie next to me whatever I was doing.  Charlie in three days has managed to climb 5 stairs, I imagine he wonders about the whole other world above his head – but not that much.

As to size, he is about a hand higher than Jack and a few inches longer.   Alec estimates he’s about 5’ when stretched out on the sofa from tip toe.

This is one seriously long dog.


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  2. So pleased he’s here at last Fizle and look forward to the pics and the long dog tales!

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